KeyEast Confirms They Have Terminated Their Contract With Actor Ji Soo

He is no longer signed with KeyEast.

KeyEast has officially announced they have terminated their contract with actor Ji Soo.

In their statement released to the press, KeyEast has announced they have officially terminated their contract with actor Ji Soo.

Hello, this is KeyEast.

This is to inform you that our exclusive contract with actor Ji Soo has been terminated.

We have decided that Ji Soo is currently unable to work, and upon mutual agreement, have decided to terminate his contract. We respected his intentions that he no longer wished to harm the agency.

We will do our best to smoothly resolve the ongoing lawsuit regarding ‘River Where The Moon Rises’ right until the end.

— KeyEast

Earlier, it was reported that KeyEast would be terminating their contract with Ji Soo due to his bullying and school violence allegations.

Source: Herald Pop
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