Kim Gavin’s Sister Denies Recent Dating Rumors With BIGBANG’s T.O.P By Releasing Proof

She refuted the rumors with her own proof that they’re just friends.

Actress Kim Gavin was recently caught up in dating rumors with BIGBANG‘s T.O.P after multiple alleged couple photos surfaced online. Both of their agencies refused to confirm or deny the rumors as it pertained to the artists’ private lives.

As many continued to wonder if they were a new couple or not, Kim Gavin’s sister decided to put the rumors to rest by firmly denying that they’re a couple.

Kim Gavin’s sister uploaded proof through her Instagram, claiming that the two are only close friends.

I can tell you with confidence that they aren’t in a relationship. From what I know, they became friends while meeting at a gathering with other actors.

She uploaded photos from her trips and outings with friends, thinking it would be alright, but I had told her to take them down in case it started false rumors. Now I wonder if I shouldn’t have told her to take it down in the first place.

— Kim Gavin’s Sister

In regards to their many alleged couple items and photos, Kim Gavin’s sister revealed that the photos were taken by her personally and the items were purchased separately and the two happened to have the same items because it’s so popular.

I took these photos for her while on a family trip, and I went to Venus to buy lingerie with her and purchased the pajamas for her – you trash reporters

It’s a very popular pajama.

T.O.P fans can go to Venus and purchase the same pajamas. Do I need to show you my receipt? Do I need to search who wore what pajama before I decide to buy one?

— Kim Gavin’s Sister

All in all, she put the rumors to rest by claiming it was “seriously ridiculous” and criticized the reporters for adding fire to the false dating rumors.

Source: Top Star News