Kim Hee Won Speaks up About His Dating Scandal With Park Bo Young on Live Television

Gong Hyo Jin straight-up asked Kim Hee Won about his dating scandal with Park Bo Young.

Actress Gong Hyo Jin recently joined the cast as a guest on tvN‘s House on Wheels and straight-up asked actor Kim Hee Won about his dating scandal with Park Bo Young which broke out earlier this year.

Gong Hyo Jin didn’t hold back when she suddenly asked,

I was thinking of calling you since you had that scandal and all.

– Gong Hyo Jin

Back in January, dating rumors spread about the two actors after they were witnessed together at a cafe.

But both sides clarified,

We’re just close friends. The dating rumors are false.

– Kim Hee Won and Park Bo Young’s Agencies

And in response to Gong Hyo Jin’s mention of it months later, Kim Hee Won shared his side of the story.

Jeez. It makes no sense. I was shocked. I heard people were going crazy about it so I told them to say it’s false and leave it alone. I didn’t even worry about it. But people told me congratulations. So I just replied, ‘Do you mean that? Okay. Thanks, I guess.’

– Kim Hee Won

After hearing about the dating scandal between the actors with a 21-year age gap, Yeo Jin Goo, who was in the car with them, couldn’t hold back his shock.

In response, Kim Hee Won joked, “Why do you look so surprised?” while Sung Dong Il added, “How could he have even imagined it? He could be her uncle.

Good thing Gong Hyo Jin asked, right?

Thanks for the clarification, Kim Hee Won!

Source: Dispatch