Kim Heechul Confirms He Is Taking Care Of Sulli’s Cat

He has finally confirmed it.

Previously, fans speculated that Kim Heechul’s new cat was actually Sulli’s cat, Goblin. Heechul has kept quiet about the issue even after the cat was seen on his Instagram lives and on the show “My Little Old Boy.”




But after the SBS Entertainment Awards, Heechul held a live stream on YouTube and confirmed that the cat was indeed Sulli’s. He revealed that he had told the “My Little Old Boy” production team not to draw attention to the cat to avoid any controversies. He also stated that the cat’s condition was not great and that he had to take her to the vet a couple times as well.




He also brought the cat closer to the camera allowing fans to meet Goblin. He asked fans to always remember his friend Sulli.

He even revealed that he called the cat “Poop Goblin” because of the strong smell that Sphynx’s have. He added that he could not stop crying when he first brought the cat home.

Kim Heechul also commented about Yoo Jae Suk’s Daesang acceptance speech and thanked him for mentioning his two friends Sulli and Goo Hara.





You can watch him full live stream here.


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