Teen Actress Kim Ji Young Responds To Accusations Of Ghosting Rapper Boyfriend

She gave an official statement.

Rapper ACHILLO recently accused teen actress Kim Ji Young of ghosting him after borrowing money from his family. According to the rapper, his family had helped her by letting her stay with him in a rented house which they paid for. As she was allegedly facing abuse from her parents, ACHILLO claimed that his family had tried to protect Kim Ji Young and helped her out. Unfortunately, she had ghosted him after beginning a new relationship.

I wasn’t going to make this public. But after thinking about it for six months, I’ve decided to share. Kim Ji Young and I used to live together. She was battling abuse from her parents. So, despite having pre-existing debts, my parents took out additional loans to help her find housing. My parents paid the rent for her, too, of course.

But one day, she left without a trace. She told me that she was now in a relationship with @kkimjinsol and that I shouldn’t get in touch with her anymore. She promised that she’d take care of the financial situation that she’s involved in [with my family]. But I haven’t heard from her since.


Kim Ji Young has since replied to his claims. While she remains tight-lipped about details, Kim Ji Young is preparing the appropriate steps to take it legal.

Hello. This is actress Kim Ji Young. Firstly, I’m really sorry to everyone who felt disappointed or confused through this incident. Currently, I am preparing to take on the matter that has been publicized in the news, as well as other problems, with advice from my parents and the law. I’m sorry to deliver such news during the holidays. I will let you know know of the other details later on. I’m sorry.

— Kim Ji Young

ACHILLO has yet to respond to her statement.

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