Kim Jong Kook To Undergo 391 Different Doping Tests To Prove That His Body Is 100% Natural

He is not taking the enhancement accusations lightly.

Kim Jong Kook has officially responded to Greg Doucette and his accusations without directly calling out the Canadian bodybuilder.

Kim Jong Kook | @kjk76/Instagram

Previously, bodybuilder Greg Doucette created a video calling out Kim Jong Kook and his fit 45-year-old physique. In the video, the Canadian bodybuilder accused the Running Man member of taking enhancements to keep up with his cut physique, stating that “he is enhanced, not natural.” 

Canadian bodybuilder Greg Doucette | @Greg Doucette/YouTube

Kim Jong Kook, who has quickly gone on to become an icon of health and exercise in South Korea, has always prided himself on achieving his results the natural way. And while his love for working out has been the butt of endless jokes on variety programs, no one has dared to accuse the singer of using enhancements, until Greg Doucette.

Kim Jong Kook’s well-known fit physique | SBS

Now, just a few days following the allegations, Kim Jong Kook has decided to take matters into his own hands—by taking hundreds of doping tests. On his YouTube channel, Kim Jong Kook uploaded a series of photos along with captions to explain the ongoing situation. And in like Kim Jong Kook fashion, he made sure to make light of it all with some hilarious memes.

In his first upload, Kim Jong Kook addressed the accusations by sharing this is the first time in his life that he’s encountered such a “interesting and exciting issue.” The singer also revealed that while he was originally going to just “laugh it off,” the situation grew larger after making it into the news, resulting in his response.

Kim Jong Kook’s upload with the meme, “Why not. I guess I’ll dance for them.” | @GYM JONG KOOK/YouTube

Hello I’m GymJongKook, KimJongKook! There are so many interesting and exciting issues in my life~ㅎ I was just going to laugh it off and give it a little bit of fun with videos and comments, but as it came out on the news, I thought it would be too much fun content ㅎ As a beginner YouTuber, I just couldn’t get over it..ㅎ If necessary, I plan to take all the tests that exist in the world ㅎ I just finished one today ㅎ If you know of a highly credible and recommendable test, please recommend it in the comments~

And what I personally found out There is an agency called WADA in the world and a specialized doping agency called KADA in Korea.. They say that you have to register an athlete to get tested.. So I am thinking about registering an athlete.. But even if you register, the inspection is not easy.. If anyone in the industry reads this article, I would be very grateful if you could give me a chance to receive a very detailed examination once as a big picture of Korean fitness development and promotion of Korean fitness!!

We have to show that it is impossible without drugs in that town, that in Korea, everyone is doing something funny~^^ (feat: Spicy taste of Korea) Gotta show them that everyone in Korea is doing what they consider to be impossible without drugs~^^ I don’t need 1 million dollars, just.. He’s going to be very embarrassed.. I’m worried..

— Kim Jong Kook

Just a few days later, Kim Jong Kook uploaded another post with yet, another meme to update his YouTube subscribers on the ongoing situation. This time, however, he addressed Greg Doucette’s allegations head on by breaking down each accusation that was made by the Canadian bodybuilder.

Photo: “Teacher, you made a mistake!” | @GYM JONG KOOK/YouTube

He now says there’s no way to check (whether I took the drug) and what’s wrong with using it, it’s legal? Suddenly? It’s so absurd and funny ㅎ Even if drugs are legal, it’s wrong for me, who hates drugs. Drugs are legal and okay for ordinary people to receive prescriptions from doctors for their own health and better happiness.

But if a person named Kim Jong Kook does that, it’s a big mistake here (in Korea). I lived for 27 years as a pop singer and a celebrity, and the reason I opened my channel with this humble body is that to share a life of exercise based on sincerity and health, and to help people live a healthier life with hope while looking at the evidence that people have seen me for a long time. That’s why I’m doing my channel activities like this despite my lack.

Even after watching my video just a month ago, he was claiming that I could not have the body and exercise performance I have now with a natural way, right? ‘Hr’… what are you talking about? what about hormones? He said I was doing that?

Whatever the case, whether the hormone levels are externally injected or produced by the body itself, if you test it, it will all come out ㅎ Don’t worry, I’ll do all the related tests sequentially, so just have fun guys. Oh, and he keeps saying that I works out for 2 hours and 3 hours.. It’s frustrating.. I finish my workout an hour and a half to two hours at most.. Looking at the calculations.. it seems that he takes a 10-minute break for each set (in that town).. And should I surprise you a little more…? I don’t even have a day off.. I rest my lower body on the days I do(work out) my upper body, and rest my upper body on days when I lower my body.

And 50 sets? No, I don’t know what’s so great about it.. ㅎ If you’re curious about how the 50 sets are distributed, I think you can just keep subscribing to my channel..

A person who has never climbed a high mountain from the bottom of a mountain sees a person with a flag at the top and says, “You can’t go up there without a helicopter. That person got on a helicopter. Because I’m also going up in helicopters. No, all my friends around me. No, that’s not illegal. I… I read… in the book… No. I mean… Oh I don’t know! I’m an expert!!”

— Kim Jong Kook

His last and final update, which was less than a day ago, showed off the testing he has completed thus far. He also shared his future plans to complete all 391 KADA doping tests available in order to shut down these types of allegations once and for all.


It will take a lot of time and money, but I believe it will be worth it. I took 391 substance tests under World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) which includes the testing of illegal drugs. This list was updated as of 1st January 2021. Many thanks to everyone who helped. I will take this opportunity to test everything on the list, beyond just hormones. I hope that through this process, they can learn about the maturity in recognizing and respecting differences.

— Kim Jong Kook

Following his uploads, Kim Jong Kook’s fans began to pour out their unending support for the singer as he begins his long testing journey.


We always loved Kim Jong Kook, but this entire situation has somehow made us love him even more. Fighting Kim Jong Kook, you got this!

In the meantime, you can check out Greg Doucette’s allegations made against Kim Jong Kook down below.

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