Singer Kim Jong Kook To Spar With Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao In Upcoming “Running Man” Episode

Fans can’t wait!

Kim Jong Kook will be sparring boxing legend Manny Pacquiao during his guest appearance on Running Man.

Previously we reported that Manny Pacquiao would be appearing on the show. As Manny Pacquiao is an international boxing legend, who is beloved in Korea, many fans are anticipating the episode.

A trailer of the episode revealed on October 16 reveals that SBS‘s Running Man understood the assignment, bringing out all the stops for the world star.

In the teaser, the members are seen hyping each other up for their meeting. It’s evident that the show’s members were just as excited about this incredible crossover event as the audience.

The teaser then reveals the members bringing out a blast from the past, their nametag game. The teaser shows the members playing their famous game with Manny Pacquiao.

All of this, however, was but a prelude to the main event, which featured each Running Man member taking a shot at sparring with the boxing legend.

Of all the members, Kim Jong Kook looked most ready for the historic bout. In the trailer, members can be heard saying how even Manny Pacquiao seemed to turn his sparring up a notch.

The results of the historical event can be seen in the show’s upcoming episode, released on October 23. Until then, check out the episode’s trailer in the link below!

Source: Wikitree
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