Actor Kim Jung Hyun Releases Handwritten Apology For His Recent Controversies

He apologized to everyone related to the drama “Time” as well.

Actor Kim Jung Hyun has been swept up in controversy lately. Not only was he facing a dispute with his current agency, O& Entertainment, but the dispute also put into light his past attitude controversy at the time of his 2018 drama, Time. It was reported that his cold attitude towards his co-star, Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun, was due to his then-girlfriend, Seo Ye Ji, who was allegedly controlling him behind the scenes. Seo Ye Ji’s company has since published their official statement on the matter, acknowledging their past relationship but expressed the alleged manipulation as common jealousy between lovers.

Kim Jung Hyun released an apology and statement through his agency on April 14, 2021. He apologized to everyone related to Time, as well as promised to be a better actor in the future. He also apologized to O& Entertainment, as well as Culture Depot, who was brought up in the media due to his actions.

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The full apology can be read below.

Hello. This is Kim Jung Hyun.

As Time was the first project in which I was entrusted with the leading role, it was also a very special project to me. However, I ended up giving huge wounds and disappointment to the director, writer, as well as my fellow actors and staff. I am sorry.

The press conference for Time has remained like fragments in my memory. How I was at that point in time, is something that even I myself, cannot forgive. It is something I regret over and over, so much so that I wish I could turn back time.

Due to my personal issues, I caused an unsavory incident. I failed in my responsibilities as the lead and as an actor. I apologize without any excuse.

The process by which I dropped out of the drama, as well as how I acted at the press conference, was all wrong of me. I wish to not only sincerely apologize to actress Seohyun, who was hurt because of this, but also to everyone related, who had suffered together at that time.

I think that I have to seek out each and every person related to Time, who had been hurt or received harm because of myself, and apologize to them. Even if it takes a long time, I will seek out the director, writer, actors, and all the staff from Time, and ask for their forgiveness.

I also wish to ethically apologize to my agency, O& Entertainment, as well as Culture Depot, who ended up being brought up unfortunately. I also sincerely apologize to the fans who have always been cheering me on and waiting for me.

I bow my head and seek the forgiveness of everyone who has experienced discomfort because of me. Writing this was also was a time for me to look back on my mistakes as well as my wrong actions. I will put in the effort to become a healthy actor that does not take opportunities given to him for granted, always looks back on himself, and manages himself well. I am sorry.

— Kim Jung Hyun

Source: Sports Chosun

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