PR Agency Conveys Kim Jung Hyun’s Current Mental Health Status And Whereabouts

His current agency is not helping him at the moment.

Previously, it was reported by Sports Chosun that Kim Jung Hyun had released his official apology through his agency. However, Hankook Ilbo reported that along with his handwritten apology, that a PR agency had helped him publish the apology in the press.

Hankook Ilbo reported that the PR agency had also revealed his current mental health status. Previously, it was made known that Kim Jung Hyun was undergoing mental health issues including depression.

Kim Jung Hyun is currently unable to receive help from his current agency and thus has been unable to apologize and convey his apologetic emotions regarding the issues that have risen up due to himself. Kim Jung Hyun is aware of his wrongdoings and had passed along a handwritten apology, thinking that he needed to seek forgiveness regarding the matters, first and foremost. Kim Jung Hyun has been receiving treatment while going to hospitals, for the depression and insomnia that has been plaguing him since he made his start as an actor. He was recovering his health due to having been consistent in managing himself. However, due to the recent matters, his mental health took a toll and he is at the stage where he has to focus on treatments again. He is currently under the care of his family. It is an apology letter written with courage and the persistence to take full responsibility for his mistakes despite his bad health.

— PR Agency

Kim Junghyun previously apologized to every related staff, director, writer, and actor involved in his 2018 K-Drama, Time. He wishes to seek them out to ask for forgiveness.


Source: Hankook Ilbo