Athlete Kim Min Confirms She’s A Huge Fan Of BTS’s Jungkook, And Here’s The Proof

She’s been a fan of BTS for years!

Athlete Kim Min recently confirmed that she’s a huge fan of BTS‘s Jungkook, but the proof has always been there!

South Korean gymnast Kim Min. | @_k_m_m_n_/Instagram

Kim is a member of the South Korean National Team for Rhythmic Gymnastics. She took the time last night to answer some questions from her followers. When asked who her favorite celebrity was, she named Jungkook!

| @_k_m_m_n_/Instagram

Kim has a highlight on her Instagram profile titled “Playlist” where she posts songs that she’s currently enjoying. The first one is Pink Sweat$‘s “At My Worst;” Kim posted both a photo with the official song attached as well as a clip of Jungkook singing along to it during a livestream!

A clip of Jungkook singing “At My Worst” on Kim Min’s “Playlist” highlight. | @_k_m_m_n_/Instagram 

Another question Kim answered was, “What’s your favorite song to listen to while training?” She named BTS’s heartwarming, fan-favorite song “Mikrokosmos!”

| @_k_m_m_n_/Instagram

BTS don’t just inspire Kim with their music, however; she has an Instagram account dedicated to her artwork, including this adorable drawing of the group’s BT21 characters!

She also posted this drawing of Jungkook in 2019, and it’s obvious her skills aren’t just limited to gymnastics.

Kim follows BTS’s official Instagram account as well as a number of other artists including NCT‘s Mark and Jaemin, indie musician Oh Hyuk, IU, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and Lisa, and aespa!

A section of Kim Min’s following list on Instagram. @_k_m_m_n_/Instagram

Kim Min is one of many athletes who have named BTS as a favorite group of theirs. It’s incredible to see how artists and athletes alike can inspire each other as they achieve greatness!

Source: Instagram


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