Olympic Athlete And Certified ARMY Lee Yu Bin Reveals That She’d Like To Teach BTS How To Short Track Speed Skate

She hopes to guest on their variety show “Run BTS!”

Olympic short track speed skater Lee Yu Bin is most well-known for successfully winning two gold medals for South Korea in the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games in the 3,000-meter relay.

South Korean short-track speedskater Lee Yu Bin (left) and teammate Choi Min Jeong (right) during women`s 3,000-meter relay at the Gangneung Ice Arena. | Yonhap

What some might know, however, is that she’s a certified ARMY! She revealed back in 2018 that she relieves stress by watching BTS content and listening to their music like the rest of us!

I’m a BTS fan. I usually spend my free time watching their videos or looking at their pictures. I like all the members. I’m especially a fan of Jimin.

— Lee Yu Bin

BTS’s Jimin | Naver Dispatch

Years later, she’s as much a fan as ever too! In a short interview with fellow short track speed skater Kwak Yoon Gy for his YouTube channel Kwakyoongy, she talked more about her love for BTS.

Currently, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been happening, and many athletes have been being noticed by their favorite idols. So, Kwak Yoon Gy wondered how a current non-competiting Olympian feels seeing other athletes get recognized by celebrities. Lee Yu Bin explained that as a fangirl, she feels a bit jealous.

As a big fan, I’m really envious. I’d feel amazing with that kind of support and it would give me so much energy.

— Lee Yu Bin 

With her response, there definitely seemed like there was someone in mind. So, he asked that if she had the choice to hear from just one person, who would she choose. It was no surprise that she said BTS! But, then she was reminded that she could only pick one person (not 7).

Without a second thought, she responded, “Park Jimin-ssi!” But, Kwak Yoon Gy asked if she should perhaps call him oppa instead?

With that, she said, “Jimin oppa!  Please root for me at the Beijing Olympics!” Kwak Yoon Gy asked if there was any specific thing he could do to show support, so she explained that she doesn’t expect much.

I know BTS members don’t have IG to communicate. And I don’t expect a lot. There’s this thing called Weverse, it’s sort of like a fancafe. During the Beijing Olympics, maybe fellow ARMYs could share my story… and if I could get even one comment there, that would mean so much!

— Lee Yu Bin

While she doesn’t expect much, Kwak Yoon Gy still suggested other alternatives, such as a video message. Yet, Lee Yu Bin said, “He’s busy.” 

Considering Jimin and she are both celebrities in their own right, Kwak Yoon Gy suggested that they could collaborate in the future for a television show. He asked her if there were one she’d like to guest on. Of course, it’s an ARMY’s dream to appear on Run BTS!

I’d love to be on Run BTS!, their own variety show. Maybe I could teach him how to compete short track.

— Lee Yu Bin

After she suggested that she could teach BTS how to short track speed skate, he proposed the possibility of her getting to hold her bias’ hands while teaching. She laughed at the idea, saying, “Maybe?” She suggested that she can do so by instructing him gently.

It definitely sounds like a fun idea for a Run BTS! episode, especially since they’ve had various guests teach them various skills before.

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Source: Kpop Viral Blog, Kwakyoongy and @JiminGlobal