Kim Sae Ron May Be Forced To Pay Back Production Companies

“Production companies suing actors is nothing new.”

As of the morning of May 18, Kim Sae Ron was in the middle of filming the Netflix drama Bloodhounds and cast to be in the upcoming SBS drama Trolley.

Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram

However, on May 19, it was reported that Kim Sae Ron will be withdrawing from her upcoming K-Drama Trolley in light of her DUI controversy.

Now, it has been reported that there are speculations on whether the Netflix drama Bloodhounds will sue the actress for losses if it has to reshoot scenes with Kim Sae Ron.

Cast of Bloodhounds | Korea Herald

Bloodhounds is a Netflix K-Drama based on the webtoon of the same name. The eight-episode drama is directed by Kim Joo Hwan, who wrote and directed the hit movie Midnight Runners.

Poster for Webtoon Bloodhounds | Zzangcomic

Due to Kim Sae Ron filming as one of the main characters in the drama, the Bloodhounds production team finds itself in a precarious position. If the production team decides to reshoot the scenes with Kim Sae Ron, there are rumors that the production company may sue Kim Sae Ron to help offset the costs.

Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram
Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram

Production companies suing actors is nothing new. In 2021, actor Jisoo and his agency were sued for ₩3.00 billion KRW (about $2.35 million USD) by a production company after the actor was exposed to having been a school bully.

Actor Jisoo | @actor_jisoo/Instagram

Most concerning, however, is the upcoming movie Us, Day By Day. The movie starring Kim Sae Ron has already been finished filming and is awaiting a release date. There has been no word from the movie’s production team.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Kim Sae Ron’s future projects.

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