Kim Sae Ron’s Apology Is Met With Mixed Response From Netizens

“Why are there so many hearts in the comment section of DUI apology?”

Netizens have shown a mixed response to Kim Sae Ron‘s apology.

Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram
Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram

The actress apologized on the night of May 19, a full day and a half after the actress’s DUI investigation was first reported.

YTN News | YTN News/Youtube
YTN News | YTN News/Youtube

Kim Sae Ron apologized for the late apology stating it was due to resolving issues surrounding the accident.

The actress admitted she was driving drunk and stated she wasa working to resolve damages resulting from the accident.

I should have acted more responsibly, but I failed to do this. I sincerely apologize. My agency and I are working to resolve the damages caused by the accident. I will make myself available to communicate with the affected parties until all matters are resolved.

—Kim Sae Ron

The actress also apologized to the staff and fellow actors of upcoming projects she had been working on. The actress was in the middle of filming for Netflix‘s K-drama, Bloodhounds, and had finished filming the movie Us, Day By Day. The full apology and its translation can be found here.

Cast of Bloodhounds | Korea Herald
Cast of “Us, Day By Day” | HanCinema

Netizens who saw the apology have shown a mixed response. Some fans consoled the actress, stating, “It’s ok. If you repent, just don’t let it happen again,” “I will root for you,” “Everyone makes mistakes,” and “I hope you learn from this.”

Comment section of Kim Sae Ron’s apology | @ron_sae/Instagram
  • Have strength. If you repent, it is fine.
  • Have strength, Fighting! Saeron Fighting!
  • Have strength. Anyone can make mistakes!!

Other netizens, however, were not as understanding, stating, “How can you say it is ok?” “Drunk driving can be murder. We can’t let her off easy because she is a celebrity,” “Why are there so many hearts in the comment section of DUI apology?” “You should repent forever,” “This isn’t something that you can just apologize for and act as nothing happened,” and “Can’t believe there are people who can forgive drunk driving.”

  • Can’t believe there are people who can forgive drunk driving.
  • Goodbye… Sae Ron…
  • To those who say this was a mistake and that it is fine, are you out of your mind? If someone got hurt from her drunk driving, will you still say it is fine? Stop spewing BS. Please repent forever Kim Sae Ron.
  • How are people saying this is ok? Does this make sense?
Comment section of Kim Sae Ron’s apology | @ron_sae/Instagram

On the morning of May 18, Kim Sae Ron was involved in a hit-and-run accident and consequentially detained for suspicions of driving under the influence. The actress is reported to have been so drunk that she could not properly speak. Kim Sae Ron is said to have been with one other passenger at the time.

Source: Wikitree