Actress Kim Sae Ron Criticized For Hosting Birthday Party With An Emphasis On Alcohol, Just Two Months After Her DUI

The tip-off was given by her friend.

Actress Kim Sae Ron was previously reported to be under investigation for drunk driving after crashing into a transformer on May 31, 2022. After the incident, it was reported that she had stepped down from her acting projects. She approached all those who had received damage through her accident and paid the costs.

The damaged transformer. | Hankyung

She all but disappeared from the public eye. It was only reported in November 2022 that she had been spotted working part-time in a cafe due to financial strain. According to someone who knows her, she worked there temporarily but has since quit.

It later also came to attention that Kim Sae Ron had hosted an alcohol-fueled party just two months after her DUI.

A friend of Kim Sae Ron’s had disclosed the invitation to the media. In the digital invitation, Kim Sae Ron invited her friends to celebrate her birthday.

Ron’s Birthday

July 30, 10.30pm

Location: Seolleung Road [detailed location omitted]

To bring: Yourself and alcohol

— Invitation

The public called her out, doubting the sincerity behind her alleged reflection and apology. Others criticized her “friend” for the betrayal.

Netizen reactions to Kim Sae Ron’s party. | Nate Pann
  •  “The acquaintance who gave [the press] the invitation is also such a… I’m not saying Kim Sae Ron did good but they would’ve been close so for them to spread [the invitation] is so…”
  • “If she was in the right mind, she wouldn’t even glance at alcohol again… She’s hopeless. Just live forever drinking alcohol and don’t even think of crawling back out.”
  • “They would’ve been close if they were invited but they gave that [to the press]… I think she needs to filter her friends again.”
  • “Why does she have so many issues…”

Kim Sae Ron currently has not addressed the matter.

Source: Seoul G News and Nate Pann
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