Kim Sejeong Has Two K-Pop Besties And She’s Closer To Them Than Her Former Groupmates

Here’s how they met.

Business Proposal actress Kim Sejeong (also known as Kim Se Jeong) is well-known for her optimistic and kind personality. But surprisingly, she finds it difficult to make and retain friends.

Kim Se Jeong | @clean_0828/Instagram

The former girl group member recently guested on SBS‘s Dolsing Forman where she opened up about her “friendship tiers” and how she classifies how close she is to a person.

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She recognizes that she is a bright person, but she clarified that she struggles to open up to new people because of her shy personality. She even developed a five-tier system to categorize the people she knows!

At the very top are her best friends, and following them are the people she is close enough to. The third level is reserved for those she recognizes and greets whenever they see each other. Next are the people she has heard of but doesn’t say hello to. Finally, the fifth level is for those she doesn’t know.

am bright but it takes a while for me to open up to people. I actually tend to be super duper shy. I even have a five-tier system for categorizing the people I know. I have my really close, besties on the first tier. Then I have friends on the second. On the third tier, I have people I know and I say hello to. People I know but don’t say hello to are on the fourth tier. And people I don’t really know are on the final tier.

— Kim Sejeong

Who are the people who have the honor of being recognized as her best friend? In the K-Pop industry, there are two: TWICE’s Jihyo and ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo.

Kim Sejeong (left) and TWICE’s Jihyo (right) | @clean_0828/Instagram
Kim Sejeong (left) and Cha Eunwoo (right) | @clean_0828/Instagram

Fans may not be surprised to hear about her friendship with Jihyo. The two met several years ago when they were both in the same waiting room. The TWICE member asked for her number and “kept making moves,” so she “decided to be her friend.” Now, they’re so close that they even went on a trip to Jeju Island together!

Her close friendship with Cha Eunwoo, however, may come as a shock. In 2017, they filmed a cute commercial for Lotte Water Park where they caught each other’s eyes and quickly hit it off.

They have since maintained a very close friendship. The ASTRO member even gifted a coffee truck to the singer-actress during filming for The Uncanny Counter.

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As for her former girl groupmates from I.O.I and gugudan, she categorized them as second tier. They’re good friends, but they aren’t close enough to be called besties.

Kim Sejeong in I.O.I 
Kim Sejeong in gugudan 

Kim Sejeong added that she’s the type who needs to get to know a person again if she loses contact with them for over three months. “If I haven’t seen you in over three months, I’ll need time to get to know you all over again,” she explained.

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Even if she isn’t close to a person, she always treats them with kindness. She’s kindhearted, talented, and beautiful—the full package!

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