Kim Sejeong Can’t Contain Her Excitement When A Fan Mentions Gugudan

She was confused at first but quickly realized.

Kim Sejeong (also referred to as Kim Se Jeong) is a soloist and actress who has always shown her incredible talent and immense kindness to fans. The successful idol made her debut through Mnet‘s Produce 101, making the final lineup and debuting in I.O.I. She later re-debuted in Gugudan, who, due to extreme mismanagement, unfortunately, ended up disbanding.


At the time of Gugudan’s disbandment, Kim Sejeong promised fans that she would “become a celebrity that can repay this pain and hurt that the fans received.”

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Of course, Kim Sejeong has always prioritized her fans, even surprising one devoted fan by recognizing them in the elevator, which left other fans jealous.

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I saw Kim Sejeong today…I was texting my friend while waiting for the elevator and when I looked up, Kim Sejeong was staring straight at me. I couldn’t speak because I was so shocked but then she said she recognized me and I almost jumped out of the elevator…

— Fan

Along with her love for her fans, Kim Sejeong has always expressed her love for I.O.I and Gugudan, and she couldn’t hide her excitement when a fan mentioned Gugudan during her recent performance at USC‘s first K-Pop Festa. While Kim Sejeong was addressing the audience, one fan screamed, “Not That Type.”

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“Not That Type” was Gugudan’s last comeback before their disbandment two years later. It is a well-loved song by many K-Pop fans who find the upbeat tempo fun and energizing.

But clearly, Kim Sejeong wasn’t expecting anyone to still know the song, and she was taken aback at the fan’s scream, first trying to register what they’d said.

Ah, “Not That Type…”

— Kim Sejeong

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Before realizing that the fan was referencing one of her songs and cheering loudly.

What? Woah! Wow.

— Kim Sejeong

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The idol even asked the fan how they knew “Not That Type,” conveying just how surprised she was.

How did you know that?

— Kim Sejeong

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And when fans cheered enthusiastically in response, Kim Sejeong shared her immense gratitude for their support.

Thank you so much!

— Kim Sejeong

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It’s very evident just how much Gugudan still means to her, and fans felt emotional at her reaction.

You can watch the full video here.


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♬ Not That Type – 구구단 (gugudan)

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