Kim Sejeong Reveals Her Thoughts On Gugudan’s Disbandment

She talked about the members and her success.

Singer-actress Kim Sejeong sat down for an interview with Star Today recently, and shared her thoughts on her previous group, Gugudan. Gugudan disbanded on December 31, 2020 after just a few years of activities.

Since the disbandment, Kim Sejeong went on to enjoy huge success with her latest drama, The Uncanny Counters. The drama was even renewed for season 2 recently. When asked about her thoughts on Gugudan, Kim Sejeong responded, “I learnt a lot from the members. I wonder, if I were in the shoes of the members, would I have been able to look over myself, as much as they did?

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As Kim Sejeong is undoubtedly the most publicly recognized member of the group, it must have been difficult for the members to watch over her while they remained on hiatus.

Kim Sejeong also shared, “I am sorry and thankful to the fans that waited and supported us during our long hiatus period. Although I cannot greet you as Gugudan, I hope that I will be able to become a celebrity that can repay this pain and hurt that the fans received.

Kim Sejeong debuted first in I.O.I after a successful run on Produce 101 and later on went on to debute with Gugudan. She is now active as a solo singer and actress.

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Source: Star Today