Jellyfish Entertainment Announces gugudan Will Disband Tomorrow, December 31

They have disbanded after 4 years.

Jellyfish Entertainment has just announced gugudan will be ceasing all group activities tomorrow, December 31, marking their disbandment.

In a statement made on their official fan cafe, Jellyfish Entertainment shared the sad news to fans around the world.


This is Jellyfish Entertainment.

First, we would like to thank all of the fans who have sent their love and support to gugudan. We are writing to inform you of our official position regarding the future of gugudan’s group activities.

gugudan, who have been working hard and have been well loved since their debut, will be ending official group activities on December 31. After a series of long and in-depth discussions between the company and the artists, we have agreed to end the group activities.

Although the group activities will be over, we will do our best to provide our full support to the members’ various personal activities, such as music and acting.

Thank you again for your support for gugudan, and we would like to sincerely apologize to gugudan fans for the sudden news.

Finally, please continue to send your love and support to the members who will be embarking on their new paths.

— Jellyfish Entertainment

gugudan debuted in 2016 during Sejeong and Mina‘s time with I.O.I. Alongside fellow Produce 101 trainee Kim Nayoung, the three were the backbone of Jellyfish Entertainment’s new nine-member girl group and they officially debuted on June 28, 2016. Hyeyeon left the group in 2018, leaving gugudan as an eight-member group. Their last musical release before their disbandment was in November 2018.

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