Actor Kim Sung Cheol Gains Attention After Reacting To His New Role In “Hellbound 2” Following Yoo Ah In’s Removal

It comes after Yoo Ah In tested positive for multiple drugs.

Actor Yoo Ah In recently tested positive for multiple drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, propofol, and more.

Actor Yoo Ah In | @hongsick/Instagram

Drug abuse is a serious crime, and production company Netflix recently gave a statement when the actor’s upcoming projects were questioned. Some of the projects, including The Match and Goodbye Earth, are already in post-production.

Netflix Responds To Yoo Ah In Testing Positive For Drugs

While some of the projects have already been done, one of the actor’s upcoming shows was meant to be his reprise as Jeong Jin Soo in the second series of the K-Drama Hellbound.

Yoo Ah In in “Hellbound”

After the news of Yoo Ah In’s recent drug use, it wasn’t surprising that he was dropped from the second series of Hellbound. Very quickly, Netflix announced the person who would take over his role, and it’s Kim Sung Cheol.

Actor Kim Sung Cheol | @suncheol2/Instagram

Over the years, Kim Sung Cheol has slowly gained recognition for his work on stage and on the screen, particularly in K-Dramas such as Vincenzo and Our Beloved Summer.

Kim Sung Cheol in “Vincenzo” | Netflix

Kim Sung Cheol in “Our Beloved Summer” | Netflix

After the announcement, Netflix quickly shared a photo announcing the new cast with hashtags, including Kim Sung Cheol. It wasn’t surprising that the comments were mixed, with some fans upset about Yoo Ah In but others praising the casting of Kim Sung Cheol.

| @netflixkr/Instagram

Amongst the comments, netizens couldn’t hide their reactions upon seeing Kim Sung Cheol himself commenting on the post. Under the photo, the actor wrote, “In god’s name.”

His own comment was flooded with comments from fans, but eagle-eyed netizens noticed that Netflix also replied to the actor, saying, “We believe in you.”

Of course, it isn’t surprising that Netflix commented on the post, and it was the perfect way to show love to their newest star of the show. Although it was hard for many netizens to see Yoo Ah In taken off the show, many also shared their excitement at Kim Sung Cheol taking over.

  • “I love you Cheol”
  • “This is crazy.”
  • “Cheol Sung oppa hwaiting.”
  • “My religion is Kim Sung Cheol.”
  • “I love it,”
  • “So cute”
  • “I heard if you don’t watch Hellbound, you’ll be hellbound.”
  • “What’s up with this casting? Hurry up and release it, I am getting tired of waiting.

While it won’t be easy for Kim Sung Cheol to play such an iconic role many associates with Yoo Ah In, his acting ability will showcase a new side to the character.

You can read more about the announcement below.

Yoo Ah In Leaves “Hellbound 2” While Kim Sung Cheol Joins The Cast

Source: @netflixkr and Wikitree