Actress Kim Tae Ri Had The Most Savage Answer When Asked About The Public’s Expectations For Her

She doesn’t care about haters.

Actress Kim Tae Ri has been tearing it up recently. Although she has always been popular with Korean audiences, she hit peak popularity with her role in 2022 youth drama, Twenty Five, Twenty One. She played the adorable yet spunky Na Hee Do, who moved mountains to make her fencing career work.

In a recent interview with SpoTV News, celebrating the premiere of Alienoid, Kim Tae Ri revealed that her perspective changed through Twenty Five Twenty One. In portraying Na Hee Do for the show, Kim Tae Ri said she “learned a lot about [herself] and decided to be more honest and confident.

She also had the most savage answer when she was asked about what people might expect of her as an actress. Like the true girl boss she is, she turned that suspicion into motivation.

I actually think some people expect me to screw up, like they’re counting down for the day I stumble. And that drives me to try even harder and live a good life (make good choices in life).

— Kim Tae Ri

Looks like she really embodied the character of Na Hee Do, even in her real life personality! Both Kim Tae Ri and Na Hee Do were inspired to work even harder when the public expected them to fail.

Source: Insight