Kim Woo Bin Leaves SidusHQ After Choosing Not To Renew Contract

Kim Woo Bin has left his agency.

Kim Woo Bin has ultimately decided to test the free agent market, choosing not to renew his contract with SidusHQ.

SidusHQ released a statement to the press today, February 3, about Kim Woo Bin’s future plans.

Hello, this is SidusHQ.

We would like to make our official position regarding Kim Woo Bin’s contract expiration.

After a long discussion with Kim Woo Bin, who has been with us for the past 8 years, we came to an agreement to end our management with him last December.

We would like to thank his fans for their generous love for Kim Woo Bin, and we would like to ask for your continued interest and support in the future.

We are sincerely praying for a healthy future for a good man, and a good actor, Kim Woo Bin.

Thank you.

— SidusHQ

Previously, it was reported that Kim Woo Bin would in fact be leaving SidusHQ, but at the time, SidusHQ was quick to deny reports, saying that they were still in discussions with him.

Kim Woo Bin’s Agency Responds To Reports That He’s Leaving After Their Contract Expires


Source: Osen