Kim Woojin Addresses Past Sexual Assault Allegations On Live Stream And Promises His Debut Is In The Works

He talked about how he felt back then.

Kim Woojin was previously accused of sexual assault. While he has also personally denied the matter, his new agency 10x Entertainment also stepped up to deny the claims. On March 18, 2021, he held his first Instagram live stream and used the platform to speak up on the accusations.

When I first received damage due to the rumors, it is true that I went through a really hard time. I tried to be as positive as I could and thought that if good things happen, so will bad. However, I realized that it is not easy to clarify falsehoods as untrue.

— Kim Woojin

Woojin also expressed his hopes that no one else would be hurt over the rumors anymore and promised fans that he is currently preparing to make a formal debut.

| Star Today

On the other hand, Woojin is currently active with podcasts on Spotify, wooAlog,as well as sharing his daily ongoings with fans through social media.

Source: Star Today
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