Former Stray Kids’ Woojin Accused Of Sexual Assault, Personally Denies Accusations

He firmly denied it all.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Former Stray Kids member Kim Woojin has been accused by several anonymous netizens of sexual assault, however, he has denied such claims.

One netizen released a series of posts in both English and Korean, detailed their account of a horrifying experience involving an idol. (note, you will need to read each picture from bottom to top, due to the screencapture being from the Twitter mobile application)

The netizen shared that they tried to reject the idol’s advances, but started touching them without proper consent. He also attempted to use his group name to win favor with the girls.

The netizen detailed where the Woojin supposedly touched her, and again tried to deny his advances.

The netizen acknowledged they were in the wrong for being at a bar during the Coronavirus pandemic, but turned it around on Woojin, for also being at one.

The netizen continued to express their displeasure towards Woojin’s supposed actions.

The netizen also thought it was their own fault, and how the memory haunts them to this day.

Finally, the netizen gave the “hint” on who the idol was. With a W and a 우, which creates Woo, and big3 referring to JYP Entertainment, many people thought the idol in question was former Stray Kids member Woojin.

Another user posted a similar set of events from a night on April 29.

The netizen claimed that Woojin purchased a bottle of whiskey, and then continued talking about the netizen’s beauty.

He insisted how he was famous, but the netizen tried to get out of the situation by messaging a friend, and as she tried to leave, she claims Woojin tried to grab her.

She also screamed due to the sudden move.

She then directly names Woojin as the perpetrator, and stated that she decided to speak out when the first incidence was also revealed.

The netizen also stated this wasn’t the first time she was a victim of sexual assault.

She even stated how she felt his penis due to the way he grabbed her wrist.

Finally, she stated that she would never return to Twitter again, after sharing her personal account.

In response, Kim Woojin released a statement on his personal social media accounts, vehemently denying any relationship or knowledge of the netizens making the accusations.

Hello. This is Kim Woojin.

Today, I am suffering from an absurd situation… I am posting this to tell my fans about that situation.

Someone on Twitter posted weird rumors and then deleted their account…

I haven’t met that person, and I didn’t go to the places mentioned.

My fans must have been very worried, but please don’t worry too much because none of that is true.

Also, recently, I signed a contract with an agency that matches me, and I am preparing hard for my solo activities.

My new company is preparing to take action against the people who spread the false rumors, and they will relay their statement afterwards, so please don’t worry too much.

Then I will share more news about myself. Thank you.

— Kim Woojin

Kim Woojin's Sexual Assault Accusations