Kim Woojin's Sexual Assault Accusations

Kim Woojin Opens Up About His Controversy And How He “Overcame” It
The artist spoke about his experience and the importance of his fans.
New “Documentary” From Kim Woojin’s Agency Claims To Prove His Innocence Against Sexual Assault Allegations—Here’s Their Evidence
The 30-minute documentary includes DMs from one of the Twitter users involved.
Kim Woojin’s Agency 10x Entertainment Reveals Malicious Fans Spread His Fake Nude Photos And Personal Information
His privacy and personal phone number were compromised.
Kim Woojin’s Company Reveals Their Side Of The Story, Provides Evidence
10x Entertainment is denying all allegations.
Ex-Fans Of Kim Woojin Are Destroying Their Merch In Light Of His Scandal
They are severing ties by removing him from Stray Kids merchandise.
Palm Reader’s Past Predictions Of Kim Woojin Is Giving Everyone Chills
Fans noticed the predictions line up with everything that’s happening.
Resurfaced Clip Of Kim Woojin With Stray Kids Hints At How Uncomfortable He Made The Group
Hyunjin and I.N had a bit of a problem with Woojin.
More Accusations Against Former Stray Kids’ Woojin Revealed, Including Drugging And Getting A Fansite Pregnant
More accusations against him were revealed.
Netizens Think Former Stray Kids Member Woojin’s Agency Is Completely Bogus
Here is all of their evidence.
Former Stray Kids’ Member Kim Woojin’s Agency Responds To Sexual Assault Accusations
They have evidence.
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