Kim Woojin’s Company Reveals Their Side Of The Story, Provides Evidence

10x Entertainment is denying all allegations.

10x Entertainment is addressing rumors about soloist Kim Woojin in an attempt to separate fact from fiction and to clear his name.

Multiple netizens have accused the former Stray Kids member of sexual assaultdrugging and impregnating a fansite, and creating a false company.

“We can strongly assure that the rumors spreading through online society are not true,” InJun of 10x Entertainment stated. But the problem is, there are so many people [who still do not] believe us and keep attacking innocent people.”

10x Entertainment is worried about the star’s reputation and his mental health.

“Most importantly, Woojin [is a normal person] who can be hurt before he is a K-Pop artist, actually having a terrible time, and we seriously worry about him. [ . . . ] Many Korean stars decided to end their life themselves due to this problem.”
— InJun, 10x Entertainment 

A netizen who accused Kim Woojin of sexual assault at a bar used this photo of a bar table as evidence, to place him at the scene.

The photo was originally posted on August 30 by the Instagram user @ychhun92, a Korean man with no relation to the netizen, Kim Woojin, or the controversy. When Teen Vogue spoke to @ychhun92, he said he had taken the photo at a bar in Itaewon on August 29, and that the netizen used it without his knowledge.

| @ychhun92/Instagram

In response to claims that 10x Entertainment is a fake company, InJun said, “We are a new company that was established on July 27. Information related to our company can be found in various Korea government departments.”

Ever since the controversy began, Kim Woojin has suffered attacks online and off. His social media accounts have become the target of hackers, and his personal cell phone number was leaked. 10x Entertainment intends to take legal action.

“Any attempt to violate or attack an artist’s privacy, such as sharing his personal contact information, is a clear crime. 10x Entertainment will take active legal action to prevent damage to artists.”
— InJun, 10x Entertainment 

Kim Woojin’s Instagram account has been temporarily suspended due to numerous attacks from netizens. Once it has been reactivated, 10x Entertainment intends to release an official update through @10x.ent.

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Source: Teen Vogue

Kim Woojin's Sexual Assault Accusations

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