New “Documentary” From Kim Woojin’s Agency Claims To Prove His Innocence Against Sexual Assault Allegations—Here’s Their Evidence

The 30-minute documentary includes DMs from one of the Twitter users involved.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Back in September 2020, former Stray Kids member Kim Woojin was accused of sexual assault by two anonymous netizens on Twitter: @Qp1qsQkw2xQY0IK (hereon referred to as Person Q) and @a1b3c4s9 (hereon referred to as Person TV). Within hours, Woojin’s new agency 10x Entertainment denied the allegations. However, due to the severity of the two netizens’ statements, the controversy never fully died down.

Now, in a new documentary titled FINGER KILLER, 10x Entertainment aims to prove Kim Woojin’s innocence—here’s the evidence they laid out to support their stance.

1. The picture

In one of the original stories against Woojin, Person Q, uploaded a photo of alcohol in a bar, claiming it showed Woojin in the background. Person Q stated they met Woojin there on April 29, the same day Woojin uploaded a photo to Instagram wearing the sweatshirt allegedly seen in the photo.

Person Q’s Twitter account | @Qp1qsQkw2xQY0IK/Twitter

However, in FINGER KILLER, 10x Entertainment states that this photo was stolen from another person. After struggling to reverse image search the photo, the company says they were eventually able to find it by searching Instagram hashtags with the guidance of the 10x Entertainment CEO, who is a whiskey aficionado.

The original Instagram post containing [char q]‘s photo.
The original photo was uploaded to Instagram on August 31, 8 days before Person Q‘s tweet was posted and approximately 4 months after the April meeting was said to have taken place. In an exclusive with Teen Vogue, it was revealed that the owner of the photo was not aware it had been taken without his permission.

2. The company

Shortly after 10x Entertainment spoke out about the claims against Woojin, many began to suspect that the company was not real. 10x Entertainment’s Twitter account was only created on the day the controversy broke, and the company’s logo appeared to be taken from an Argentinian furniture company. On top of this, 10x Entertainment’s website redirected to a free page on Notion, an application used for note-taking.

10x Entertainment’s original website | 10x Entertainment

Alongside addressing these claims last year, 10x Entertainment revealed its corporate registration and business registration in FINGER KILLER, along with its Naver Maps listing and a clip of a vlog in which Woojin tours the office.

| 김우진 KIM WOOJIN/YouTube

3. Woojin’s Instagram

After the controversy, Woojin’s Instagram account was blocked due to reports from other users. In FINGER KILLER, 10x Entertainment refers to Facebook and Instagram’s terms of service, which states that convicted sex offenders are not allowed to have an account on the platform.

| @wooojin0408/Instagram

The documentary goes on to state that 10x Entertainment sent documents to Instagram in order to restore Woojin’s account, which was eventually reinstated.

4. Woojin’s statement

According to FINGER KILLER, Woojin’s statement posted on social media following the controversy was mistranslated. In the documentary, 10x Entertainment offers its own translation, noting that while Woojin’s statement was reported to be an apology by some media outlets, it was never intended to be one.

| 김우진 KIM WOOJIN/YouTube

Hello, this is Kim Woojin.

Something absurd happened to me today. I wanted to catch up with the fans while I was at it. Someone spread a strange rumor on Twitter and deactivated the account… I have never met the person and have never been to the mentioned place.

My fans must have been shocked. Don’t worry too much because it’s not true.

I recently signed with a company of the same mind and am now preparing for my solo activities. The company will be taking legal actions against the false accuser, and further response will be taken care by them.

Please don’t worry. I’ll be in touch. Thank you.

— Woojin’s statement, translated by 10x Entertainment

5. The accusers

With help from Woojin’s supporters, 10x Entertainment states that the company was able to locate Person TV as well as a Twitter user referred to as Person R, who first retweeted Person TV‘s accusation to thousands of followers, circulating it around the internet.

FINGER KILLER goes on to state that Person TV‘s account was originally created as a confession account for fans of another K-Pop group as evidenced by the account’s original Twitter username.

| 김우진 KIM WOOJIN/YouTube

Another tweet shows that Person R once tweeted that they were the creator of this confessions account, indicating that Person R and Person TV know each other.

| 김우진 KIM WOOJIN/YouTube

The documentary goes on to reveal that in the process of trying to uncover the identity of Person TV, fans found a censored version of their email address. FINGER KILLER says further investigation revealed that this email address belonged to a Brazilian student with the initials “T. V.” from an international school in South Korea.

| 김우진 KIM WOOJIN/YouTube

After fans contacted Person TV through Instagram DMs, Person TV stated, “I have no idea about the email now… I don’t access that email, since I’m no longer linked to [censored school name].”

| 김우진 KIM WOOJIN/YouTube

Person TV went on to say that they did create the original confessions account, but they handed it over to Person R.

| 김우진 KIM WOOJIN/YouTube

FINGER KILLER states that despite claiming she didn’t know who Woojin is, Person R did post a negative tweet about Woojin one year prior to allegations.

| 김우진 KIM WOOJIN/YouTube

All in all, 10x Entertainment refers to its documentary FINGER KILLER as, “The story about ruining someone’s life just for fun.” According to the company, the lawsuit against the involved netizens is ongoing. The full documentary is available on Kim Woojin’s official YouTube channel.

Source: Image and Teen Vogue

Kim Woojin's Sexual Assault Accusations

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