Palm Reader’s Past Predictions Of Kim Woojin Is Giving Everyone Chills

Fans noticed the predictions line up with everything that’s happening.

In light of the allegations brought forth against Kim Woojin, a palm reader’s past predictions about the singer are giving everyone chills for how well those predictions align with the current situation surrounding him.

YouTuber Tony Leggett used “a combination of astrology, intuition, palmistry, and ESP to do a personality trait analysis” of Woojin in his December 2018 upload.

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As soon as Tony took a look at Woojin’s palm, he revealed that the singer was someone who valued having fun and living life to the fullest: “That’s what it’s all about with this guy. He’s a joy boy, and he’s a toy boy. This guy is the first life, and he wants the flavor. He wants to taste it all.” As with everything, there needed to be moderation.

Tony noted that Woojin’s palm showed a side of his personality that could become too focused on achieving that joy. Without boundaries, Woojin could cross the line into territory where he’d be playing around too much and bring negative attention to himself.

And, he’s going to be an adult child all his life. He’s never really, really, really going to grow up. The more he learns to play and the more he has fun, in a straight, good, caring way, the more happy he’s going to be in his life. But, if he takes advantage of that, he’s going to be in trouble.

— Tony Leggett

Once again touching on Woojin’s desire to live life to the fullest and experience everything, Tony claimed that the same applied to his sexual interests. He predicted that all would be well in that aspect of his life as long as it remained “fun.”

In the same way that Tony previously warned against Woojin playing around too much, he noted that too much of anything could cause serious problems, especially when inserting himself into particular situations.

There’s a lot of sexual activity in this guy ’cause he wants to experience and he wants to experiment. And he will find a lot of fun in that as long as he makes it fun. There is a dot here, coming out of the side…which is a danger sign of too much of something. He’s really going down. If it’s too much singing, too much being, too much putting himself into situations.

— Tony Leggett

In the last half of Tony’s palm reading on Woojin, he pointed out the possible tendency for him to twist the truth in a way that’s beneficial to him. “He has a little big finger, which is an indication he doesn’t always tell the truth. He comes up with all sorts of things to get what he wants.

Even so, Tony also revealed Woojin’s desire to love others and care for them. “He wants to be a lover. He wants to love, and he wants to love people and do everyone that he can do. And he’ll be very, very good at it if he stays honest and he stays true.

After discovering the positive and negative sides of Woojin’s personality through palm reading, Tony’s predictions coincidentally lined up with the accusations Woojin is currently facing.

From the claim he called himself a member of Stray Kids after his withdrawal to attract attention, to the alleged sexual assault accounts that followed, and the accusation that his agency is fake, the palm reading may have indeed predicted how things would turn out.

Watch Tony’s palm reading predictions about Woojin not only present the positive outcome but also the negative one that lines up with the accusations brought forth in 2020.

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