4th-Gen Male Idol Shares His Never-Seen-Before Baby Picture… Only To Have His Mother Go Mega Viral

Some fine genes at work!

On NAVER NOW‘s radio show, It’s A Dream (꿈이야), hosted by DKZ‘s Jaechan, soloist Kim Wooseok blessed the latest episode with a never-seen-before picture from his childhood.

DKZ’s Jaechan (left) with Kim Wooseok (right) | @kr_now/Twitter

While discussing the “dearest moments” in his life, Kim Wooseok shared a picture of his mother and him as a newborn. He explained, “Even though I don’t remember this exact moment, I believe it must have been dear to my mom, my dad, everyone around us—and even to me because I didn’t have anything to worry about as a baby.”

The picture soon circulated around online communities like theqoo, with K-Pop fans marveling over how gorgeous Kim Wooseok’s mom is!

Baby Wooseok with his mom. | NAVER NOW

Some pointed out the resemblance between Kim Wooseok’s mother and the idol himself…

| theqoo
  • “It’s common for sons to take after their mothers. But still, wow.”
  • “Whoa, his mother looks amazing.”
  • “For reals? Genes do not lie.”
  • “No wonder Kim Wooseok is so good-looking!”
  • “She reminds me of actress Liu Yifei.”
  • “Wow, I’d believe it if she told me she was an actress.”
  • “From the red lips to hoop earrings… She pulled that off like no problem. Haha.”
  • “Whoa, daebak!
  • “Wow, he looks EXACTLY like his mother.”
  • “These are some fine genes at work for this fam. Haha. I love Kim Wooseok’s visuals.”

…while others praised her fashion and makeup, “trendy enough to convince everyone that the picture was taken recently.”

| theqoo
  • “Wow! Now we know where Kim Wooseok gets his gorgeous looks from. It runs in his bloodline. T-T”
  • “She looks like… Kim Wooseok with long hair…?”
  • “I legit WOWed out loud as soon as I saw the picture.”
  • “The resemblance is UNCANNY. His mother has some insane visuals.”
  • “Whoa… I mean, she’s gorgeous. But that lip color? She’s also HIP AF.”
  • “AHA! I knew he had to get his looks from somewhere!”
  • “The size of her face, though? It’s as small as Baby Wooseok’s. I’m surprised the mom herself didn’t debut.”
  • “He’s so good-looking that it’s mind boggling.”
  • “Wow… She could pass as an actress.”
  • “Whoa, BEAUTIFUL!”

Listen to Kim Wooseok’s latest release, “Dawn,” here.

Source: theqoo