Kim Yohan Spotted Riding the Subway as If He’s Really Not That Famous

He’s just a humble guy.

Let’s face it. Kim Yohan is not only famous for being a former member of X1, but he’s also famous for his upcoming acting debut through School 2020.

So fans couldn’t help but express their surprise when Kim Yohan was spotted riding the subway as if he’s a normal civilian.

A post titled, “I Witnessed Kim Yohan on the Subway” recently went viral, and it contained a photo of the visual center just chilling on the subway.

The photo shows Kim Yohan casually standing in a more casual outfit.

And the poster captioned the photo, “Kim Yohan right in front of me.

Although the identity of the person seems vague, multiple fans and netizens online confirmed that he is indeed Kim Yohan.

Fans are admiring Kim Yohan’s humble nature with comments such as “You’d think he’d at least be accompanied by a manager or a coordinator, so it’s impressive that he’s just going around by himself on the subway.

He might be able to get away with this now, but let’s see how long he’ll be able to keep it up when his popularity skyrockets with his upcoming acting debut.

Source: Insight