“Affair Icon” Kim Young Min Describes His Actual Marriage Life On “Running Man”

What a contrast.

Kim Young Min, who is well-known for his role of a cheating man on JTBC‘s The World Of The Married, just made an appearance on SBS‘s Running Man where he revealed his actual marriage in real life.


Unlike his character in the drama who habitually cheated on his wife, Kim Young Min shyly stressed that he is not like that in real life.


Kim Young Min revealed,

We got married after dating for 5 years. I’m a husband who’s been listening to his wife very well for 13 years now.

— Kim Young Min

In response, Ji Suk Jin asked if his character in The World Of The Married is real or if his persona on the variety show was real.

And there was no need for Kim Young Min to answer the silly question because the fellow members jumped in first.

Do you really think his character in the drama is the real him?

— Kim Young Min

Kim Young Min made quite the impression with his spectacular acting in other dramas as well.

Before The World Of The Married, he played a North Korean soldier in Crash Landing On You, and before that in 2018, he played the role of a CEO in My Mister.

But due to the explosive popularity of The World Of The Married, he is commonly known as the “affair icon” for how well he portrayed the role.

Well, that just goes to show how talented he is as an actor.

Because he’s actually a loyal and devoted husband in real life.

Source: Insight

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