KISS OF LIFE’s Collaboration With Popular YouTuber Makes Netizens Angry — They Remember His “Sexualized” Comments Towards NewJeans

“I need the staff that organized this fired.”

KISS OF LIFE‘s recent YouTube collaboration has sparked anger among netizens.

The members of KISS OF LIFE | @KISSOFLIFE_S2/Twitter

Recently, KISS OF LIFE appeared on the YouTube channel IShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr.,

During the video, they chatted and learned some choreography, and he showed them his acrobatic skills.

When the video was posted, while some fans loved the unexpected collaboration, many were angry at the decision to have the KISS OF LIFE members on the channel. Watkins is known to be controversial, and many of his comments in previous videos have sparked anger. It meant that netizens didn’t understand the decision to have him personally work with the group to promote them to a wider audience,

While the demographic and YouTube style of IShowSpeed had fans angry, with many worrying about his audience’s reactions to the girl group members, even though his own reactions were deemed “tame” by his regular viewers, fans also brought up his history with NewJeans.

Back in January, the user came under fire after a video resurfaced of inappropriate comments about the members in a now-deleted reaction video, and fans even reported him to HYBE.


Remembering his reactions to the young NewJeans members made fans even more angry that KISS OF LIFE’s company allowed them to make a video with the YouTuber.

Even his own audience realized that there was something different in the way he acted.


While his behavior was deemed to be “better” than normal, KISS OF LIFE fans are still angry about the collaboration, and many choose not to promote it.

Source: LifeSpeedy
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