Korean Netizens Are Wowed By MONSTA X’s Shownu In A Crop Top – As They Should

He ate it up.

MONSTA X‘s Shownu has always been known for his outstanding physique. Even among a group where most of the members constantly work out their incredibly toned bodies, Shownu particular stands out for his muscles and overall image. He just doesn’t seem to fit his baby face, making him all the more charming!

On a recent episode of Hidden Singer, Shownu took to the stage to perform a rendition of Rain‘s “Bad Guy” and completely wowed the crowd!

Not only were the audience wowed by his performance, they were blown away by his amazing body.

But most importantly… Shownu rocked the crop top like no other!

Netizens praised him for his skills in dance, as well as his dedication to his body and physique.

Ca we ever get enough of his toned abs that were perfectly highlighted by his cropped polo?!

The stage was particularly befitting of the idol, given that he was once known as “the second Rain” during his trainee days. He won 2nd place in JYP Entertainment‘s competition, leading him to sign on with the company as a trainee later on.

Although he made his debut in Starship Entertainment with MONSTA X, many can’t forget the days where he performed “Rainism”!

What made it better is that Rain, who’s also Shownu’s idol, was watching his performance! Catch his stellar performance on Hidden Singer with “Bad Guy” below!

Source: theqoo