Koo Hara Apologizes To Ex-Boyfriend Over Assault Case, Ex-Boyfriend Skeptical

Koo Hara and her ex-boyfriend both made official statements regarding settlements and apologies.

Koo Hara‘s been wrapped up in her scandal involving her ex-boyfriend, where they are both under investigation for assaulting each other. Koo Hara released photos of the bruises and injuries obtained from their fight, and her ex-boyfriend has also shown severe scars on his face from their fight.

Left: Koo Hara’s legs after the incident, Right: Ex-boyfriend’s scars from the incident.


Days after the initial reports and hospitalizations, Koo Hara reached out to a media source to officially seek forgiveness from her boyfriend and put an end to their feud.

“My boyfriend and I were a happy couple just up until a few days ago. An argument can’t only be blamed on one person. Just as much as we’ve loved each other, I want to forgive him and I want him to forgive me.

I want to stop all the commotion. I want to sincerely apologize to my fans and the public for causing a disturbance for the past few days.”

— Koo Hara


She regrets how a small misunderstanding broke their relationship and spiraled out of control to the current situation. She apologized to her ex-boyfriend, her fans, and the public.

“My boyfriend and I were in a happy and healthy relationship when we were unable to overcome a small misunderstanding, which caused the fight to become bigger.

Now, it’s become something so large that’s become uncontrollable and difficult to understand. We’ve fought like children going at each other in an all out war in the mud.

It can’t be helped that there are faults from both parties. I want to forgive him from my heart, and I want to be forgiven too.

Instead of letting my fans down by continuing this fight, I will wait for the results from the police investigations. I bow my head and apologize once again to my fans and the public.”

— Koo Hara


After hearing her official statement, the ex-boyfriend’s lawyer revealed that they are skeptical about the sincerity behind Koo Hara’s apology. He claimed that she’s being inconsistent with her words, and the ex-boyfriend will only come to an amicable solution where his name is cleared of all negative connotations.

“The suspicious part about Koo Hara’s side is that she reveals through one media that she’s willing to come to a settlement, but then speaks ill of [her ex-boyfriend] through another media company. Her actions are inconsistent, which makes us skeptical of her sincerity.

We want to come to an amicable solution. But my client’s utmost priority is to restore his good name.”

— Ex-boyfriend’s Lawyer


An inside source who’s been a part of the investigations believes that the boyfriend is skeptical to accept her apology and move on as the damage he’s received greatly impacted his business and his ability to work.

“He had scars above his right and left eye. There’s a big scar under his eye too. He also has scratch marks on his back.

He was so angry because the scars were too big that it would hinder his business and himself from working.”

— Insider


Koo Hara’s lawyers have been contacted for a response to the ex-boyfriend’s case, but they remain silent.

Source: Herald Corp, Newsen and xportsnews