Koreans Call Out The KORAIL Employee Who Invaded BTS RM’s Privacy

They looked up his personal information.

A KORAIL employee recently felt criticized when it was reported that they had abused their authority to invade BTS RM‘s privacy. They had looked up his personal information, including his phone number and address linked to the ticket booking. Not only that, they also purposely looked up his seat so that they could run into him on the train.

I checked RM’s reservation details and I went to see him in person.

My friend informed me where RM was sitting so that I could pick a nearby seat.

— KORAIL employee

In reaction to this, RM merely reposted the news with an emoji.

Korail Employee Who Released Unauthorized Personal Information of BTS RM ‘Leaked Ticket Information For 3 Years’

— SBS headline

In contrast to RM’s firm but calm demeanor, Korean fans are absolutely outraged on his behalf.

Netizen reactions to the news. | theqoo
  • “I wouldn’t even blame him if he started hating humankind… But then again, I know he’s not such a person, so it makes me sad. I think they definitely need to take legal action for this. They need to be financially punished for them to get it together.”
  • “He’ll probably get so disillusioned…”
  • “I hope it ends up with HYBE suing them. I hope for strong financial punishment.”
  • “Namjoon-ah… HYBE, please sue them!!”
  • “F*ck, he’ll be so disillusioned… Stop stealing Namjoon’s respites.”
  • “He must have it so hard…”
  • “He must be so dumbfounded and angry…”

Many are incredibly concerned about RM’s mental health. This is not the first time that RM has had his privacy invaded. Previously, a monk at one of RM’s beloved temple stays gave an interview to the media.

BTS’s RM Politely Calls Out The Invasion Of His Privacy, Deletes Posts Of His Temple Visit

Source: theqoo


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