Korea Animal Rights Advocate Shares Heartwarming Story Of Goo Hara’s Love For Animals

Goo Hara had a special love for animals.

KARA, the Korea Animal Rights Advocate association posted a heartwarming message and sent their deepest condolences to Goo Hara.


They introduced three puppies named Taeyang, Heemang, and Boram, who came to their facility after being thrown away in a carrier by their previous owners. They were always seen huddled together waiting for someone to come by.


Goo Hara did various volunteer work at the facility and was always greeted by these three puppies. Hara asked us what she could do to help them and later funded the puppies’ surgery to get neutered and posted photos online to look for anyone who would want to adopt them.



Afterwards, these three puppies successfully made it into new homes.


They stated, “Goo Hara was a warm and kind person in the eyes of these animals. It was always a great honor and privilege to work with some a great person. We hope that she will rest in peace.”


Goo Hara was found passed away in her home on November 24. Police have concluded that there will be no autopsy conducted as there were no signs of criminal charges. Fans will be able to pay their respects to her at a separate open memorial service.

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Goo Hara's Passing