Korea’s First Transgender Singer, Harisu Talks About Being Pursued By 100 Male Celebrities

Wow, talk about popularity!

Harisu is making headlines for revealing the number of male celebrities who have taken romantic interest in her.

Singer Harisu | Hankyung

On the most recent episode of JTBC‘s Turning Point, Harisu featured as a guest and to no one’s surprise, the episode was filled with interesting discussion topics.

Still from “Turning Point” | JTBC

During her time on the show, the singer and entertainer discussed her experiences with male celebrities. The two hosts of the show tried to guess the number of confessions Harisu received during her career, to which one of the hosts guessed “20?” To the host’s guess, Harisu responded in the most confident and hilarious way possible.

“Gaeun-ah, it’s me, unnie. I’m Harisu,” | JTBC

After the confident response, Harisu elaborated on the exact number of confessions she received.


It might not exactly be 100, but it’s similar. I received interest from singers, actors, comedians and athletes.

— Harisu

To add onto the shock, Harisu shared that there was one particular male celebrity who expressed his interest in marrying her.


There was one singer who told me he wanted to date with the prospect of marriage so I rejected him.

— Harisu

| Sports Chosun

Harisu became an instant icon in South Korea due to her identity as a transgender woman. The 46-year-old singer previously shared that while she was assigned male at birth, she identified as a female early on in her childhood. After this realization, she underwent gender reassignment surgery in her early 20’s and became the second person in the history of South Korea to legally change their gender.

Younger Harisu | JoongAng News

In 2001, Harisu became a hot topic after her feature in a commercial for DoDo Cosmetics went viral. Everyone wanted to know who the gorgeous lady was and when it was later revealed that she was a transgender woman, Harisu became an instant star. The commercial became the breaking point in her career, launching her into the successful singer and entertainer that she would eventually become.

Harisu in DoDo Cosmetics commercial | DoDo Cosmetics

With her debut, Harisu became the first ever transgender singer and entertainer to promote in South Korea. Harisu quickly became the face behind the LGBTQ movement in the conservative nation, bringing social awareness to the transgender community.

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