A “Korean Actor In His 40s” Gets Arrested For Drug Use, “Thirty-Nine” Star Lee Moo Saeng Responds To Speculations

The actor’s agency denied all speculations tying him to the case.

According to multiple Korean media outlets, including YTN‘s News Wide, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station arrested one Korean actor in his 40s for charges of drug use.

“Person A” Illustration | Maeil News

YTN reported, “Person A—an actor in his 40s—was arrested around 2PM (KST) on September 10” after he was reported to the police for “running around outside his residence in Nonhyeon-dong, seemingly under the influence.” Person A is reported to have tested positive for substances when the police arrested him at the scene. Other news sources have also reported that the police have located “numerous pills” inside Person A’s residence.

| YTN News Wide

Person A has been identified as “someone who debuted in 2006 with a supporting character role in a K-Drama.” Korean media outlets have hinted that he “has appeared in several K-Movies and K-Dramas with both supporting and lead roles.”

While no names have been mentioned, Koreans began speculating—based on the facts listed: A male star in his 40s who debuted in 2006 with a decent lineup of works. Soon, the guesswork led to Person A potentially being Thirty-Nine star Lee Moo Saeng.

Actor Lee Moo Saeng in “Thirty-Nine” | @leemusaeng_official/Instagram

Actor Lee Moo Saeng did debut in 2006, though with a K-Movie called See You After School. Born in 1980, the actor is in his 40s; And with a successful career including Netflix hits like The World of the Married and The Silent Sea, Koreans found him to “fit the descriptions.”

When the malicious speculation began circulating online, Lee Moo Saeng’s agency ALIEN COMPANY responded with an unwavering statement posted to its official social media.

Hello, this is ALIEN COMPANY. We’re aware of the fact that our managing artist, Lee Moo Saeng, is being discussed online as “Person A,” or the “actor in his 40s who was arrested for drug use.” We’ve been monitoring the speculations circulating via online communities and social media accounts.

We would like to make it clear that actor Lee Moo Saeng has nothing to do with this particular case. We would also like to warn that we’ll pursue legal action if these groundless, malicious speculations continue.

That being said, we at ALIEN COMPANY will continue to do everything in our power to protect all our managing artists. Thank you.


The agency firmly denied Lee Moo Saeng’s involvement in the case and warned legal action should the malicious speculations continue. Meanwhile, “Person A” remains unnamed as Koreans continue to hunt down “an actor in his 40s, living in Nonhyeon-dong, with a debut date in 2006.”

Source: YTN, Maeil and theqoo (1) and (2)

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