Korean Actor Oh Seung Yoon Booked For Abetting Girlfriend’s DUI

He was booked without detention.

On July 11th police reported that on June 26th, Oh Seung Yoon was in a vehicle with his girlfriend when she was caught drink-driving in Incheon. Her blood alcohol level is reported to have been 0.101%.

His label T&I Cultures gave a statement regarding the incident:

The agency found out Seung Yoon was involved in aiding and abetting the drunk driving of ‘A’, a female he was in the car with in the Seo District of Incheon on Jun 26th. Because of this, Oh Seung Yoon was booked without detention on the charges of aiding and abetting drunk driving and was questioned at the Incheon Seobu Police Station.

– T&I Cultures

Oh Seung Yoon also gave his own statement on the matter:

I tried to stop her but it’s completely my fault for eventually not being able to stop ‘A’ from drunk driving. I’m deeply reflecting and will dutifully participate in the police investigation.

– Oh Seung Yoon

Oh Seung Yoon was a famous child actor in Korea and continued his career into adulthood, most recently featuring in The Last Empress and Be Melodramatic.