Korean Athlete Is Gaining Attention For His Resemblance To THE BOYZ’s Kevin

Kevin even gave him a shoutout!

Olympic fever has taken over the world, and none more so than the K-Pop world. Since Tokyo 2020 started, athletes have been showing their love for K-Pop idols, songs have been played during events, and much more!

A specific athlete has recently gained attention from netizens after someone pointed out that he resembled THE BOYZ‘s Kevin!

THE BOYZ’s Kevin | @WE_ARE_THE_BOYZ/ Twitter

South Korean athlete Woo Sang Hyeok is two years Kevin’s senior, born in 1996, and entered this year’s Olympics in the high-jump event.

Although he narrowly missed out on a medal during the recent final, Woo Sang Hyeok set a new national record and achieving the highest ranking in an Olympic track-and-field event for the country.

Korean athlete Woo Sang Hyeok | Korean Herald

Netizens who spotted the athlete posted in an online forum compared him to THE BOYZ’s singer focusing on the similarities in their facial features, especially when he isn’t wearing make-up!

They also noticed that both seem to have cheerful and bubbly personalities and saw an uncanny resemblance when both were smiling!

| KBS News 
| DIVE Studios Podcast/ YouTube

There is no denying that both Woo Sang Hyeok and Kevin have infectious smiles that just make you happy! With their stunning visuals and positivity, they would be the life and soul of any group of friends!

If that wasn’t enough, after fans started tweeting about the resemblance, Kevin went on Twitter and showed his support for the athlete!

It seems as if it isn’t just fans who see the resemblance, as Kevin even went online and added that his family members also think the two look alike!

Even though he might not have won a medal this time, Woo Sang Hyeok definitely made an impact on the games. In the future, he definitely has the support of not only Kevin but the rest of The B fandom!

Source: THE BOYZ