Korean Audiences’ First Reviews Of Halle Bailey’s “The Little Mermaid” Go Viral — Netizens React

“Halle Bailey’s acting…”

Korean netizens reacted to the very first reviews of Disney‘s live-action The Little Mermaid.

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On May 19, a post titled “A Couple Of Reactions From The Domestic Screen Test For Little Mermaid” went viral. In the post, the author uploaded several reviews from those lucky enough to watch a special screening of the movie, which is set for release in Korea on May 24.

In the reviews posted by the author, audience members seemingly thoroughly enjoyed the movie, with them praising Halle Bailey‘s portrayal of Ariel.

At this point, the movie succeeds in being romantic. Not only is this movie a standout for how well it is made compared to my original concerns, but it makes comparisons to the original animations unnecessary. Although there were some parts that could have been better, overall, it was an enjoyable aquatic music show. I can only write this much. I hope you watch it in theatres.

— @Kharismania/Instagram

There are no spoilers. The movie is well-made and harks back to the mindset of Tarzan and the colors of Finding Nemo. The movie is very faithful to the original source and is epic. Disney proved that it no longer belongs to only children, but belongs to every adult and child on earth.

Halle Bailey’s acting, her innocent portrayal of Ariel, and her beautiful vocals washed away the shortcomings of the original Ariel.

Melissa McCarthy’s casting was a stroke of genius! Her seamless portrayal of a villain and charisma made her seem like the main character.

— @movietok/Instagram

One reviewer even called out the racist trolls plaguing social media and assured them that Halle Bailey’s portrayal of Ariel is very believable.

This is my review after The Little Mermaid at a screening for reporters.

I heard that this was the best Disney movie ever made, but I went in without giving it much thought, and then Disney revealed its harmonious world, and then I cried in the beginning and in the end. I will say more later.

The world is full of love…

As for (Ariel’s) race, the things that people are curious about are explained well in the movie in a way you can easily understand.

— @yeonsooyura/Twitter

Korean netizens reacted to the reviews with enthusiasm and pushed back at racist trolls.

  • “I hope the movie succeeds in the faces of the hateful people who tried to undermine the movie.”
  • “I really hope the movie blows it out of the water.”
  • “Oh! I really want to watch it too, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Ah, I’m so excited for it. There was so much controversy, but I am happy that it seems the movie came out well.”
  • “You anachronistic boomers stay home and just watch your animated version forever~.”
  • “I’m planning on watching the movie on its release date. I’m really excited for Halle’s singing.”
  • “Wow, I can’t wait for it.”
  • “It seems the movie is about to do really well in the United States. I hope it does well in our country as well.”
  • “I became interested after seeing how many criticisms the movie had, but I was so surprised at how well (Halle Bailey” sings. I’m really curious, and so I might go to the theatres for the first time in years.”
  • “I hope this movie does well all over the world. I’m going to go watch it too.”
  • “I’m going to go because so many people hated on it.”
  • “Succeed and prove the haters wrong~!!!”

Previously, racist trolls had plagued the movie since its inception, but many Koreans expressed that there were much more fans who were celebrating Halle Bailey’s upcoming historic role as Ariel.

Check out the trailer for The Little Mermaid below.

Source: theqoo
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