Korean Baseball Player Mourns The Death Of His Biggest Fan In The Itaewon Halloween Emergency

He paid his respects at the funeral.

The recent Itaewon Halloween Emergency killed 156 people and injured 157 people. On the night of November 29, 2022, around 100,000 people gathered in Itaewon to celebrate Halloween. A human crush occurred in a narrow alley, where victims suffocated or were crushed to death.

Amongst the victims was a fan of the LG Twins baseball player, Oh Ji Hwan. The victim’s husband had sent a DM to Oh Ji Hwan’s wife on Instagram to notify the couple of the matter. The husband had hoped the victim would be happy, asking Oh Ji Hwan to pray for their friend.

Instagram story uploaded by Oh Ji Hwan’s wife. | via Chosun

Oh Ji Hwan’s wife, Kim Young Eun, uploaded an Instagram story of a photo of her husband and the victim together, expressing her grief. Oh Ji Hwan recognized the victim as one of his biggest fans. The couple headed to the victim’s funeral after hearing the news.

Late last night, I received a photograph along with a DM. The DM said their wife had passed away in the tragedy after heading to Itaewon for Halloween with their daughter. She was a fan of Oh Ji Hwan. They said that she would probably be pleased if Oh Ji Hwan would pray for her. I showed the photograph to my husband, and he said he remembered her. With our hearts heavy, we both couldn’t sleep.

After dropping our son off at kindergarten this morning, we went to the funeral. The victim’s husband said she loved Oh Ji Hwan and thanked us for coming. He said that [the victim] had gone to the NC away match to cheer the team on and even practiced how to ask Oh Ji Hwan for an autograph and photo if she met him. Thank you for liking my husband, Oh Ji Hwan. We will pray that you rest well in heaven with your daughter.

— Kim Young Eun

Rest in peace.

Source: Chosun
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