Here’s How Korean Celebrities Sneakily Ask Out Flight Attendants

“At first, he didn’t actually say anything…”

It isn’t everyday that you meet a celebrity, but the chances are much higher for flight attendants.

Because of the close proximity between flight attendants and celebrities on airplanes, some people naturally form relationships after meeting there. Joon Park of legendary Korean pop group g.o.d., for example, married a former flight attendant.

In a recent episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series, flight attendants Kim Soo Dal and Kim Ha Gyeong revealed the sneaky ways that celebrities ask them out.

Kim Soo Dal (Left) and Kim Ha Gyeong (Right). | @AYO/YouTube

Kim Soo Dal started by sharing an unforgettable experience she had with an unnamed celebrity. Before actually speaking to each other, he showed how he felt through his gaze alone.

At first, he didn’t actually say anything. It was more like ‘Can you feel my heart?‘ That kind of feeling.

— Kim Soo Dal

It wasn’t long, however, before he contacted her on social media! Since he wasn’t sure of her full name, he searched for her using the name he read on her name tag. “Then later, he contacted me on social media using the name on my nametag.

She then shared another sneaky way that celebrities ask out flight attendants. “In my case, with a ground crew job, I deal with papers, so mostly they’d give me a memo inside the papers.

They ended by jokingly saying that they shake off all papers just in case a celebrity left their contact details behind! “You’d have to check through it, right? You need to shake it off!

Learn more about flight attendants and their experiences with celebrities full video below.

Source: AYO
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