Korean And Chinese ENHYPEN Fans Send Protest Trucks To Call For The Dismissal Of The “Bite Me” Performance Directing Team

Fans are still upset.

Previously, Korean ENHYPEN fans sent protest trucks to the company building in order to call for the removal of the female backup dancers in the choreography for “Bite Me.” The issue caused a huge debate to spur, with international fans supporting the paired choreography while Korean fans expressed their disapproval.

Korean ENHYPEN Fans Continue to Petition “Bite Me” Choreography While International Fans Are In Full Support

As we move into the second week of promotions for “Bite Me,” it seems like fans have not yet given up. This time, after carefully examining the performances in the first week of promotions, Korean and Chinese fans have turned their grievances to the performance directing team.

They sent trucks to the office building once again, calling for a switch-out of the performance directors.

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Replace the useless performance director, who fights with the consumers while only caring about his own ego and connections, immediately. From a union of ENHYPEN’s overseas and domestic fans.

— Truck

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The useless staff and executives of Belift Lab who only care about their connections should be questioned properly and [redacted].

The predictable results of ignoring and making a fool of the consumers are a drop a revenue. You can check it in the CJENM reports.

— Trucks

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The label that’s the most out of touch in HYBE is CJENM’s subsidiary, Belift Lab.

— Truck

Netizens feel greatly for the fans, agreeing that the boys are too premature in their career for such provocative dance moves.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • The notion that said they’re doing this on purpose so another company would take their performance director was the funniest. Even if you gave him to them, they wouldn’t take him.
  • Even a passing non-K-Pop fan knows why fans don’t like this.
  • I don’t know what stubbornness do they have to hold on to when fans hate it to this extent.
  • I’m scared that such a performance director will come to us… His [lack of] self-awareness is insane… F*ck, please don’t come to us.
  • No, but if they’re living off the fans’ money, why are they picking fights with the fans? I really think such entertainment agencies are f*cking frustrating.
  • The company is their anti. The number of fans dropping out of the fandom would be so serious.
  • I found another problem after watching the choreography video in the post. In the part where they sing, “if you’re going to save me,” the member looks to the left, but they have to hold on to the dancer’s hand on the right, so they don’t end up looking at the camera and are only looking at where the dancer’s hands are. So, it looks like they can’t pay attention properly to the song or the camera as they try to match up the dance.

Korean fans have also created a video to point out all the issues they have found with the choreography.

  • Inability to focus on the singers, who are the main characters of the performance, as there is no differentiation between the singers and the dancers. If you didn’t know, you’d think it was a co-ed group with 14 members.
  • The bait-and-switch incident.
  • Niki‘s part, where he has to place his head on the group even before he’s finished singing — the member singing isn’t even seen on camera.
  • Members can’t be seen well as they are covered by the dancers. This doesn’t only happen on their individual fancams.
  • Their ages — there’s one 2001-liner, one 2002, three 2003, one 2004, and one 2005. This is a concept not even done 10 years into one’s career, so why do they have to do this now?
  • They’re known for their fierce and strong dance moves instead.

While this continues, international fans apart from China are continuing to show their support for the boys and the “Bite Me” choreography.

Source: theqoo