12-Year-Old Korean Boy Sexually Assaults 9-Year-Old Neighbor After Making A Bed Of Snow

He still graduated without incident.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

It was reported that a sixth grader had recently sexually assaulted a third grader in South Korea. The 12-year-old Korean boy had planned out the assault carefully. He first made a bed about 10cm thick out of snow on the rooftop of his apartment. The victim was a 9-year-old girl that lived in the same apartment. She also attended the same school.

He lured her to the rooftop with the promise of games. He brought snow toys with him and invited her to play.

She claimed that the boy called it a “snow bed” and invited her to lie on it while he crouched near her. She had not known him before then, but he approached her on the way home from school.

After she had been sexually assaulted on the rooftop, she decided to go home. He then gave her a fake name and asked for her number. Through a messenger app, he claimed to show her more games in video.

He requested she showed him specific parts of her body. He told her he would not play with her when she refused.

Suspecting that she was with family, he set up a video call and asked her to go to the bathroom before she picked up.

After the incidents happened, her school teacher chanced upon the messages and reported the matter to the police. However, the school took no action, and he graduated soon after. The victim’s family is considering moving out of the apartment building as the victim is too traumatized even to take the elevator.

The perpetrator was not disciplined legally due to the law that protects minors. According to the law, all minors will not have crimes recorded on their files and may be sent to correctional centers or homes instead of jail.

Source: theqoo

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