ASTRO Moonbin’s Fansites Mourn His Loss And Wish Him Happiness

Rest in peace, angel.

ASTRO‘s Moonbin has heartbreakingly become a star in the sky. Many Korean celebrities and international fans have expressed great sadness and regret for his passing.

No one is more broken about the news than his fans and family. Many of his dedicated fansite masters have decided to close their pages as they grieve the loss of their idol. In hopes that international audiences will be able to understand the grief that these fansites have published in Korean, here are some of the last words these fansites had for Moonbin, translated.

1. A sad birthday

This fansite recently flew to Bangkok for Moonbin’s fan meeting with Sanha. They received the devastating news on their birthday.

I will think of you on my birthday every year. Oppa, I turned 24 today. I hope you’re happy today too.

— @lovely_moon0126

2. “I’ll recognize you if I meet you again.”

Bin, I was so happy to have been able to call you my singer. I hate having to talk about you in the past tense. You are still my singer, as always. You are my love that will last forever. I’ll be sure to recognizee you if we meet again. I love you lots.

— @imiselinos_bin

3. The brightest star

Please become the brightest star, shining in the sky.

— @dalight_bin

4. Emotional rollercoaster

This fansite experienced the worst rollercoaster of emotions as soon as the news dropped. They were in disbelief…

Bin, please post something, anything. I’m scared, Moonbin.

— @moonstruck_0126

When the news was confirmed, they were torn.

When I think of the unimaginable amount of rough days you spent, trying to tamp them down, my heart hurts. Our Binnie is so kind that you probably wouldn’t have been able to tell the people around you that you’re having it hard. But still, you told us during that previous live stream that you’ve been struggling, and I trusted that since you were able to tell us that, you probably found a way to gain new strength. Now, there’s no Binnie, who has always called out for us by saying “Rohaaaa.” I don’t know what to do. But I want to continue being your fan. I want to continue to like you.

— @moonstruck_0126

5. The words that couldn’t be conveyed

Everglow had wise words for Moonbin.

I should have told you once more… That you can live a little more selfishly… That your own happiness and stability are more important. I’m sorry I didn’t know how hard you were having it. I can’t stop crying, thinking about how much pain you were holding on the inside and how hard you must’ve been having… But I hope you’re happy on your way there… I hope you’re happier there.

— @everglow0126

6. Love only

This fansite summed it up the best. This is what everyone is feeling at the moment.

We love you lots, Bin.

— @crush_moon_0126

Moonbin passed away on April 19, 2023. His agency confirmed the death the same night. Rest in peace, angel.


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