Here’s Why Many Korean Food Vloggers Are Slim, According To Two Instagram Food Influencers

It’s as if they don’t gain weight!

Food vloggers and mukbang YouTubers frequently visit restaurants and stalls to eat food in overwhelmingly large quantities.

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Given the amount that they consume, many have wondered how they are able to maintain their slim figures.

| @fume_yamyam/Instagram 

Recently, two Instagram food influencers—Lee Hye Min and Park Shin Yong—spilled their secrets in an interview with YouTube channel AYO.

Lee Hye Min (left) and Park Shin Yong (right)

One of the questions they were asked was, “How come all the people who review good restaurants are skinny?

According to Lee Hye Min, it’s true that most people in their line of work do, in fact, gain weight. To offset this, they make the effort to work out as often as possible.

People I know who review good restaurants gained a lot of weight, so they started working out a lot.

— Lee Hye Min

Park Shin Yong agreed and shared his personal experience. After he started vlogging, he gained at least 10 kilograms. When he knows he will eat a lot later in the day, he skips a meal and goes to the gym instead.

I gained about 10-15kgs as well. If I go to a good restaurant after working at the company, I have to use my whole dinner time. So I don’t eat lunch at the company and just go to the gym and work out for about an hour.

— Park Shin Yong

If he were to let himself go and neglect exercising, he believes his belly fat “will just get bigger and bigger.” He even tells himself that he has to do it if he wants to eat well!

Learn more insider secrets in the full interview below.

Source: YouTube

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