Korean Politicians Propose Bill In Response To Lee Seung Gi’s Feud With Former Label

The government may force agencies to open their accounting books.

Korea’s government is reportedly working on a bill to prevent a second “Lee Seung Gi Incident” from occurring, as news reports state a bill has been proposed that will lawfully require agencies to share their accounting report with its artist.

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The Democratic Party’s Lim Jong Seong and lawmakers worked on the bill which would add amendments to the Popular Culture and Arts Industry Promotion Act.

The politician spoke with Dispatch by phone on December 21, where he described what effect the law might have.

Currently, artists can get accounting information upon request. This law will require the labels to share it.

— Lim Jong Seong

In other words, where before, agencies were only required to share their accounting documents when asked for them, the new law will require agencies to send the documents at least once a year, whether it was requested or not.

National Assembly | Korean Assembly

Lim Jong Seong revealed that this would help artists who find it hard to ask their labels for the receipts due to fear of retaliation.

Rookie celebrities or celebrities that are afraid to get into conflict with their agencies may have a hard time requesting accounting documents. I expect by requiring labels to reveal their accounting books once a year, there will be fewer issues arising from unfair practices.

— Lim Jong Seong

The proposed law seems to be a response to the conflict between Lee Seung Gi and HOOK Entertainment. The label shocked the nation when it was revealed it had never paid Lee Seung Gi throughout his music career. Lee Seung Gi has since left the agency and sued the CEO of HOOK Entertainment and the agency’s executives.

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Source: dispatch

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