Korean High School Girl Goes Viral For Being Rude To A Teacher… Turns Out She’s An Idol Trainee

She apologized after it went viral.

Recently, a video of a Korean high school girl went viral on Instagram Reels. In the video, she was seen talking back to the teacher. Although it was not captured in the video, from the conversation they had, it seems like the elderly man had noticed her hair was trapped under her backpack. He then pulled it out for her, albeit without notifying her or asking for permission. She then took issue with the matter, calling it violence. The video has since been reposted to YouTube.

  • Teacher: Go back into [the classroom].
  • Student: Are you yelling at me? Aren’t I a precious daughter of someone’s household too? I’m not someone you can treat like that. Why did you pull my hair?
  • Teacher: I only pulled your bag. Your hair was entangled in your bag strap. Are you having fun? Is this enjoyable for you? Continue to do so then.
  • Student: Did you enjoy pulling my hair? Was it fun?
  • Teacher: I’ll open a committee hearing for you then.
  • Student: You’re talking about a committee hearing?

The situation soon ended after another teacher came by. The situation was filmed by other laughing students, fuelling the flames. The video went viral as netizens felt that the authority of teachers were on the decline, seeing how students treated the elderly teacher.

After the video went viral, a netizen exposed the student’s alleged identity as a trainee at an entertainment company.

Comment by netizen.

She’s a trainee at a company LOL. They’re discussing this right now, whether or not to cut her.

— Netizen

The incident took place a year ago, and the student had quit school since then. It was only recently that the video went viral and the student stepped up with an apology.

I bow my head in apology to the teacher in the video. I also want to apologize to the students of [redacted] high school and the teachers, who were affected by my inconsiderate actions. The video only captured a short moment of myself. I had very good relationships with the teachers and the students, and right after the matter, I went to the teacher in the video to apologize respectfully the day after.

— Student

Screenshot of the video.

She explained that she also tried very hard at school, showing everyone how she matured.

All the teachers, including the one int he video, did not hesitate to praise and cheer me on. I also really liked and respected the teachers. The teacher in the video was the one who cheered me on the most, and we had a good student-teacher relationship until I left the school.

— Student

She apologized once more for her rude attitude towards someone of her father’s age. The student promised never to act like that again. However, due to the timing of the apology, many netizens suspected if the apology was genuine. It was only after her status as a trainee was threatened that she apologized.

The original reel has been deleted.

Source: Insight