Korean Influencer Reveals She’s Been The Victim Of A Stalker From Germany

He threatened her and told her not to be a “wh*re”.

Jina Kim is a lifestyle vlogger and Korean social media influencer. Generally, she shares things like how to explore Seoul on a budget or things to consider when you’re preparing to move to Korea.

Source: @itsjinakim/Instagram

She previously dated an unnamed K-Pop idol and shared the struggle she experienced while dating them, and more recently, she also had a panel at K-Con LA 2019.

Earlier today, Jina shared on her YouTube page that she has been struggling with an online stalker from Germany who has posed as different people using multiple email addresses and personas in an attempt to reach her.

Source: itsjinakim/YouTube

Her fans have been quick to comment expressing their concern for her safety, with one who works in cybersecurity making suggestions as to how she might make her accounts and phone more secure.

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There has also been speculation as to whether her stalker is the same one who has been harassing Nayeon for months.