Korean Legislator Claims Koo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend Cannot Be Punished For Sex Tape As It Was Consensual

He calls for stronger laws and sentencing to protect cases like Koo Hara’s.

Koo Hara recently revealed that her feud with her ex-boyfriend began when he allegedly blackmailed her with videos of them having sex. The boyfriend soon clarified that Koo Hara was the one who initiated the filming and was “in control”.


Korean legislator, Kim Kyung Jin, recently held an interview where he revealed that Koo Hara’s ex-boyfriend will most likely be un-punishable for claims of ‘revenge porn’. As Koo Hara consented to the filming, it will be difficult for the ex-boyfriend to be charged.

“With the current laws, it’s impossible to punish someone for spreading a [sex tape] if it was filmed with both parties’ consent.”

— Kim Kyung Jin


However, Kim Kyung Jin is adamant that showing someone a private video during a feud can only be interpreted as blackmail and threatening.

“Showing your ex-girlfriend the video means, ‘I have this, so you need to do as I say.’ Isn’t it most logical to think, ‘It’s impossible not to consider it a threat.’?

It’s a passive threat, a silent threat.”

— Kim Kyung Jin


Lawmakers, such as Kim Kyung Jin, have begun vocalizing their demands to create and strengthen laws that punishes those who use private videos as a form of threat.

“We’re proposing a bill to punish those who use private videos as threats with a sentencing of up to 3 years.”

— Kim Kyung Jin


As Koo Hara and her ex-boyfriends’ case continues its investigations, more than 200,000 people have signed the petition for the ex-boyfriend to be punished for ‘revenge porn’.

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